YAGO is a personal organiser. It is written in Java (Java2 - mostly JDK 1.3) using a specific software architecture (see below).
YAGO is currently at its initial phase and offers basic useful functionalities, namely organisation of:

It offers a global calendar view via which one will eventually be able to manage items.
YAGO stores its data into a database (compatible MySQL) and may export its data to XML file in order to either import them within a different DBMS or archive them as files.
YAGO offers basic DB administration, in connection with XML structures.

User Manual :
Please refer to the above tabs for detailled functionalities

Contribution :
Originally, YAGO has been developped by a local team (see below). However, should you wish to contribute or show interest in this project, please contact :
---project leader ---

Software Architecture :
YAGO is one implementation of a wider software architecture concept, namely LuX ("LuX uses XML"). The idea is to combine basic blocks (referred to as "modules") using a modue loader and a module manager.
Each module proposes a separate functionality to the complete application and may (but does not have to) correspond to a graphical rendering. See the LuX homepage for more details about this project.

Development Context :
YAGO is the result of a coursework project. It has been developped by third-year students (2001/2002) at the Computer Science department at University of Geneva, via the course entitled Projets Informatiques (PINFO01).

More details can be obtained by contacting :
--- the course leader ---
-- the list of participants ---

No liability on the loss of information or data or any other consequence resulting from the use of the tools described therein is endorsed by any of the authors or maintainers of this project.
The source code is given 'as is'. Care has been taken to refer to original sources, where applicable. However, no responsability is assumed on the quality of the code, comments or documentation delivered here.
Should you not comply or agree with the above, please trash and forget all data related to this projet.

YAGO is a project hosted by SourceForge. Downloads can therefore be made via the corresponding --- CVS tree ---. This download comprises all necessary documentation (including this site) to compile and run YAGO.