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Prénom / Nom Email (*)
PL (**)
Stéphane Marchand-Maillet marchand"at"
PL (**)
Carlo Jelmini jelmini8"at"
5 Latifa Arris arris8"at"
8 Tayeb   Bouzerda bouzerrto"at"
4 Khaled Bouzerda bouzerd0"at"
4 Ahcene   Braik braik"at"
5 Ang   Chen angswiss"at"
2 Stephane   Cola stefcola"at"
1 Jerome   Cuendet jcuendet"at"
4 Arash   Habachi habachiu8"at"
2 Christophe   Haenggeli ch.haenggeli"at"
3 Christiane   James james99"at"
7 Vincent   Keller vkeller"at"
1 Denis   Rochat drochat"at"
6 Alain   Rofes rofesgo0"at"
6 Douglas   Rofes rofesgn0"at"
7 Bernard   Rwasibo rwasibo5"at"
3 Yvonne   Shimima shimima7"at"
8 Imad   Tbahriti tbahrit9"at"
7 Cyril   Wannaz cyril.wannaz"at"

(*) The University of Geneva can in no way be responsible for the potential usage of the addresses listed above..

(**) PL : Project Leader

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    Cyril   Wannaz
Contact : Christiane   James Database : Khaled Bouzerda
  Yvonne   Shimima   Tayeb   Bouzerda
    Alain   Rofes
    Douglas   Rofes
    Imad   Tbahriti
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  Ang   Chen